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Three-day learning program paradoxical coaching

Build further on what you have or start something new? Follow the directions or do it your own way? Perfection or ‘good is good enough’? Accomodate others or put your own needs first?

Dealing effectively with opposite directions and dilemmas is one of the most important challenges in people’s life and work. As a coach working with your clients, you are confronted with this complexity every day. People with heartbreaking dilemmas, choice stress, seemingly irreconcilable goals or interests, untapped talents, limiting convictions etc. Often entangled in ‘either-or’ thinking. How do you help your clients finding a better balance and feeling of ‘wholeness’?

  • How do you support your coachees to switch seamlessly between opposing directions without losing their own identity and authenticity?
  • How do you help your coachee to transform his/her paradox into a strength?
  • How do you encourage your coachee to adopt “both-and” thinking instead of staying stuck in one-dimensional choices, internal conflict or dull compromises?

Ivo Brughmans and Silvia Derom have designed a unique method that enables you, as coach or line manager working with individuals or teams, to:

  • help your coachees to discover the underlying polarities in recurring patterns;
  • help to your coachees to translate these opposite values in clear paradoxical challenges and objectives;
  • choose from a whole series of exercises and tools that can help coachees to explore the existence and the power of conceiled, inconsistent or unfamiliar parts of themselves, even of embarrasing ‘dark sides’;
  • provide support in experimenting with new ways to combine these opposite values.

Since the mastery of paradoxical coaching starts with yourself, as a person and a professional coach, we also pay attention to your personal journey of discovery. In the program we address the following questions:

  • Who am I and what polarities and paradoxes characterize my life and work?
  • Do I have any hidden talents that I have carefully put in the shadow?
  • What paradoxes do I struggle with in my role as a coach? (e.g. confrontation vs. harmony,
    result orientation vs. process orientation, digging deeper vs. getting into action)

During the program you will be able to work on your own cases and challenges.