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Three-day learning program paradoxical leadership

The program consists of 3 full days of theory and practice. During the program you explore, experience, deepen, apply and practice the principles  of paradoxical leadership. Working on your own cases, you will sharpen your skills as a leader. The course days are separated with intervals of about 2 weeks, so that you have the opportunity to apply what you have learned to your daily practice. Prior to each course day, you are expected to do some preparatory work, including exercises, reading and self-reflection questionnaires.

The program is consists of the following components:

Day 1 – Paradoxes within yourself

  • Introduction in paradoxical leadership and polarity wheel
  • Explore your own paradoxes in your work and life
  • How do you recognize the undelying polarities in behavioural patterns?
  • How can you use your ‘dark sides’ as a strength?
  • Reflect on identity and your different contextual roles
  • The core competencies of paradoxical leadership and how to develop them

Day 2 – Paradoxes in your role as a leader

  • Explore paradoxes in your role as a leader and within your organisation and team
  • How can you keep your authenticity and openness in a leadersip role?
  • How can I make people with different perspectives and styles work together for a better result?
  • How can I strike a good balance between pointing out the direction and establishing the ground rules on the one hand and giving room for initiatives, professional judgment and self-steering on the other?
  • How do I stimulate within my team the professional dialogue on paradoxes?
  • How do I challenge my team members to go beyond the obvious and to look for real innovative solutions?

Day 3 – Paradoxes in your organisation

  • What are the qualities of an organisation that is competent in dealing with paradoxes?
  • How paradoxically competent is my own organisation?
  • What does paradoxical leadership mean for the different busines processes (like strategy, governance, organisation design, decision making, culture, inovation, change, HR and talent)?
  • How do you define my vision, mission, strategy, objectives as a paradoxical challenge?
  • How do I realise deep change while building further on the present and past strengths?
  • How can I coach others to be competent in dealing with paradoxes?
  • What interventions and tools can I use?