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The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.’ – F. Scott Fitzgerald


Your clients are asking for more customized services, but the organization mainly wants to work according to standardized processes. You want your team members to comply to the rules and procedures, but also to show initiative and entrepreneurship. You want to collaborate with other disciplines in the chain and to keep your own professional focus and identity as well. You want to push your change process forward, but also involve all stakeholders …

As a leader, professional, advisor or coach, every day you have to deal with the tension between opposing approaches. You feel the necessity to make an ‘unambiguous choice’, to provide clarity and guidance. But is that really necessary… and does it result in effective and sustainable solutions?

Paradoxical leadership is about using the power of opposites. Making choices that do justice to both sides of the coin. Being able to work effectively and inclusively with opposite directions and is one of the most important challenges of our time. It is a skill that requires personal mastery and one where you can really make a difference.

Sounds logical and familiar, but how do you do this? These videos lift a tip of the vail (with English subtitles):

The website of philosopher and management consultant Ivo Brughmans offers inspiration and practical tips for everyone who is dealing with (seemingly) opposing goals, perspectives, values and approaches every day. That’s everyone… but especially leaders, professionals, advisors and coaches.

The focus of this website is on applying the paradoxical perspective on a professional level.  If you want to learn more about handling paradoxes from a more personal perspective, then you should visit Ivo Brughmans’ other website www.theartofparadoxicallife.com.

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