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Passion for Paradox

Ivo Brughmans (1965) studied philosophy, international politics and business management. He worked for twenty-five years for a global management consulting firm, supporting organizations in redesigning and transforming their business.

Ivo is fascinated by paradoxes and the challenge to bring together seemingly contradictory perspectives and opposing values: in society, in organizations and in ourselves. Connecting opposite poles has been a common thread throughout his own life and work: as a philosopher working with practical business challenges, as a rationalist relying on his intuition, and as a workaholic enjoying doing simply nothing at all.

Ivo has written several books on this theme, developing a “both/and” perspective as a radical alternative to our current way of living, managing, governing and coaching. He has a deep conviction that this perspective helps create more sustainable solutions to the challenges of the 21st century, providing the fundamentals for a fulfilled and balanced life, for better performing and more innovative organisations and for a better world.

Ivo lives in Antwerp, Belgium. He gives lectures, workshops and training programmes on paradoxical leadership and works with public and private organisations throughout Europe and around the globe. Ivo is associated as a lecturer to a number of leadership academies and management schools.

Partnerships for Paradox

Ivo works closely together with the following leaderschip acadamies and business schools:

For learning and implementation programs, Ivo works together with his colleagues of The Paradox Academy.

  • Mediator / Trainer / Executive coach

  • Change consultant / Team coach / Film maker

  • Talent management expert / Coach multipotentials / Trainer

  • Life coach / Teacher / Ritual counselor / Story teller