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Books Ivo Brughmans

In his books Ivo describes in detail how you can apply te principles of ‘both-and’-thinking and paradoxical mastership. 

Paradoxaal coachen (‘Paradoxical coaching’), Boom Amsterdam, 2019

In this book, Ivo Brughmans and talent expert Silvia Derom make the paradoxical perspective practically usable for (team) coaches, consultants, facilitators, mediators, managers, HR-, healthcare- or education professionals. The book offers immediately applicable methodologies and tools to support individuals and teams in developing and making better use of their opposite sides and talents.

“Paradoxical coaching offers a strong liberating perspective, because it does not place people in limiting boxes, but recognizes and values their multidimensionality and complexity.”

Keeping control or letting go? Money of purpose? Assertive or lenient? Security or risk? Fast or slow?… Dealing effectively with polarities is one of the most important challenges of our time. As a coach you are often confronted with people with heartbreaking dilemmas, choice overload, seemingly irreconcilable goals, untapped talents or limiting beliefs. As a manager, facilitator, consultant or HR professional you often see teams get stuck in strong differences in vision, approach and interests.

How do you support your coachees in coping with these conflicting sides? The answer does not lie in making ‘either-or’ choices or in seeking a compromise somewhere in the middle, but rather in recognizing, embracing and connecting both sides. Paradoxical coaching is a unique method that enables you as a coach or facilitator to learn individuals and teams to ‘play’ with their opposite sides. It offers a new perspective for looking at the complex dynamics in people and teams, even at issues that previously seemed to be straightforward. This book not only offers solid conceptual and methodological  frameworks, but is also an active workbook with immediately deployable tools and exercises. You can find more information on

Paradoxaal leiderschap (‘Paradoxical leadership’), Boom, 2016

In this book Ivo combines his insights as philosopher and his expertise as management consultant and applies ‘both-and’ thinking to well-known organizational and management challenges and professional and business dilemmas.

‘Invest or save? Micro-manage or give space? Focus or diversify? Enterpreneurship or compliance? Innovation or tradition? Change as we go, or with a masterplan? Short term or long term?…

Paradoxical leadership is about using the power of opposites. Making choices that respect both sides of the coin. This book provides a refreshingly newg and practical way of connecting and combining opposing forces. ‘Both-and’ thinking, not as a cliché, but as a practical professional skill. Paradoxical leadership increases your ability to switch smoothly between different approaches in a very dynamic world.’

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De kunst van het paradoxale leven (‘The art of paradoxical life’), Lannoo, 2013

In his first book on this theme, Ivo develops the ‘both-and’ perspective as a radical alternative to our current way of living. The book focuses on how to apply this perspective to your own personal live and to the broader challenges of our world today.

‘Traditionally, we look at opposites as items that exclude each other and between which we have to make a choice: abundance or austerity, planning or improvisation, economy or ecology, repression or prevention…

However, this unilateral ‘either-or’ way of thinking has major limitations. Bing able to consciously play with opposites is the recipe for both success and fulfilment in the 21st century. In a stimulating ‘both-and’ perspective, opposites are inextricably linked with each other and provide balance, innovation and flexibility. This new perspective touches on all aspects of our lives: from ecology to sexuality, from lifestyle to religion, from relationships to management.

The art of the paradoxical life provides a radical, positive alternative to our current way of living and working. It challenges you to examine your own polarities, shows with inspirational examples how ‘both-and’ works in practice and provides concrete tools to apply this.’

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