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Listen to a number of podcasts about the principles and applications of paradoxical leadership here:

In this webinar, Wendy K. Smith and I explore how we can understand and break polarization in society and organizations, using a paradoxical lens. Kenneth S. Stern leads the conversation and questions us from his expertise on hate crimes.

Podcast on how paradoxes shape our personality and organizations, how to use the power of both sides, and how AI needs the counterbalance of AW (Ancient Wisdom) to generate real value.

John R. Miles and Ivo Brughmans talk about how leaders can adeptly navigate opposing approaches and conflicting viewpoints.

Kris Safarova and Ivo Brughmans talk about how to apply the principles of Paradoxical Leadership to yourself, your team and organization.

Joshua Bertolotti and Ivo Brughmans talk about how to balance our own polarities and what it means for our notion of identity and our skill set.

Si Alhir and Ivo Brughmans talk about how paradoxical leadership can help to address the complex societal and organizational challenges of today.