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Paradoxically competent as a leader, professional or coach


How can you, as a leader, professional or coach, effectively and inclusively deal with ambiguity, tensions and dilemmas?

These days, where ambiguity is the norm and where complexity levels are rising, you are increasingly expected to be able to work with contradictory information and reconcile opposing goals and perspectives. Moreover, change happens extremely fast and requires you to maneuver flexibly between sometimes opposite paths to achieve your goal. How do you do this without getting stuck or being inconsistent?

If you put the customer first, the mechanical application of unambiguous ‘if-then’ rules is no longer sufficient. It requires you, as a professional and of course as a manager, to always make situational assessments, and sometimes depending on the case, to make opposing choices. How do you do this without contradicting yourself and how can you clearly justify your choices afterwards? How do you, as a manager, ensure that employees feel safe, supported and competent to make situational considerations, even if sometimes this leads to wrong choices?

Furthermore, you are increasingly expected to look at business or broader political-economic-social challenges in a multidisciplinary way and look for integrated solutions. This means that you have to move beyond thinking in separate disciplines and separate parts, yet still maintain the value of each discipline. How do you combine all these opposing perspectives and approaches within the organization in a productive way and create connection and dialogue?

As a coach you find yourself often working with clients with seemingly irreconcilable aspirations, heartbreaking dilemmas, choice stress, etc. But this is also something you constantly face in the performance of your own profession: do you need to be neutral or involved? To steer or to follow? To sympathize or to confront? …

Available learning programs

To strengthen and refine your paradoxical competencies, we have established a number of specific learning programs that we organize in both open form and in-company.

Paradoxical leadership

is a three and a half day learning program aimed at line managers, (program) managers, project leaders and consultants who want to tackle paradoxical challenges in their organizations. This program teaches you how to apply the principles of paradoxical leadership to yourself, your team and your organization. Check here for more information.

An open programme in Dutch is organised together with AOG School of Management (University of Groningen). The English version is available as an in company programme.

Paradoxical coaching

is a three-day learning program aimed at (individual or team) coaches, facilitators, consultants, HR professionals, care professionals, mediators and therapists. This program enables you how to apply the methods and techniques of paradoxical coaching immediately in your work with clients. The trainers are Ivo Brughmans and Silvia Derom.

Check here for more information


of course, these learning programs can also be organized in-company. In-company programs are completely tailored to the needs of the target group, both in terms of timing as well as content. Furthermore, it is important to embed the paradoxical theme in the specific context or challenge of the organization, e.g. digital transformation, agile ways of working or self-organizing teams.

Feel free to contact us for more information.