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How paradoxically competent are you?

How do you deal with this rapidly changing, unpredictable and highly polarizing world? How do you experience the contradictory emotions, thoughts and qualities that you notice in yourself? And how do you enter into a conversation with the other person, who seems to be diametrically opposed to you?

The answers to these lift a corner of the veil on how “paradoxically competent” you are. In other words: how well you master the art of playing with contradictions. Both the contradictions that are hidden within you, and those that are part of the contexts in which you move.

Being paradoxically competent is something anyone can grow and get better at. Completing this questionnaire will help you gain a better insight into where your strengths lie and where potential development areas lie.

Completing the questionnaire takes approximately 10 minutes. After completing the form, you will immediately see your scores and you will have access to the development tips.

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